Fish Distribution Maps

Listed below are map figures and text from the WRIA 9 Habitat Limiting Factors and Reconnaissance Asessment Report on salmon and salmon habitat in the Green/Duwamish and Central Puget Sound Watershed.

Disclaimer for Fish Distribution Maps

The depicted limits of known freshwater distribution of these species in these maps were based upon the collective personal knowledge of participants in the WRIA 9 mapping project and data they gathered from published and unpublished databases.

The information depicted in these data was current as of December 2000.

These maps may underestimate or overestimate the actual distribution of these species. Also, the maps may inaccurately depict the location of water bodies.

All users of this data should seek the assistance of qualified professionals such as surveyors, hydrologists, or fishery biologists as needed to ensure that such users possess complete, precise, and up-to-date information on fish species distribution and water body location.

Fish Distribution Maps

Since the maps above were completed, additional data on fish distribution has been collected for the Nearshore Subwatershed portion of WRIA 9. These data show stream typing based on fish presence which includes -- but is not limited to -- salmonids.

More recent data also may be available via the SalmonScape mapping tool created by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. It merges fish and habitat data collected by state, federal, tribal and local biologists and presents those data in an integrated system that can be readily accessed.

Attribute Table Data

These data were not included in the Reconnaissance Assessment Report. Use these data with the figure maps listed above. You will need to download and unzip the zip file to access the attribute table file (in Microsoft Excel format) and the readme file. The attribute table has an descriptive entry for each numbered point on the figure maps listed above.

Attribute table (Zip File 31 KB)