Renewing Our Commitment to Salmon Recovery: Progress to Date and What's Next

As the WRIA 9 partners approach ten years of coordinated effort on projects to protect and restore Chinook salmon habitat across the Green/Duwamish and Central Puget Sound Watershed, we celebrate the completion of a number of complex projects and acknowledge that years of important work still lie ahead. The recent renewal of the WRIA 9 Interlocal Agreement makes our collaboration possible into the future. Read here for details on what we've accomplished and where we are headed.


WRIA 9 Overview

Gale-Boundary Factsheet

Upper Green Subwatershed

Middle Green Subwatershed

Downey Farmstead Factsheet

Lower Green Subwatershed

Duwamish Subwatershed

Seahurst Park Factsheet

Marine Nearshore Subwatershed