Five-Year Implementation Progress Report (2011)

Five-Year Implementation Progress ReportThe Five-Year Implementation Progress Report documents the state of the Chinook salmon populations, the watershed, and efforts to implement the WRIA 8 Chinook Conservation Plan during the first five years (2005-2010) of implementation. The report reflects information about salmon recovery actions provided by the 27 participating local governments in the watershed, as well as other partner organizations, and identifies the challenges and opportunities we face as we advance recovery in the future. This information was presented and discussed at the WRIA 8 Summit: Our First Five Years - Our Future in December 2010.

The report is available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

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Implementation Progress Report (December 2011) (3.86 MB)

Front Cover (494 KB)

Section 1: First Five Years and Our Future (363 KB)

Section 2: Status of WRIA 8 Chinook Salmon (521 KB)

Section 3: Status of the Watershed (415 KB)

Section 4: Habitat Protection and Restoration Progress (2.10 MB)

Section 5: Funding Salmon Recovery (304 KB)

Section 6: Programmatic Actions (322 KB)

Section 7: Our Future Challenges and Opportunities (237 KB)

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