Local Actvities and Partners

Local Actions and Projects

Because salmon use different parts of the Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish Watershed during various stages of their life cycle, we divided the our watershed into 14 subareas where salmon have specific habitat needs.

Click on your local subarea on the map below to find our what our partners are doing to protect and restore salmon habitat in the subarea where you live or work.

Swamp Creek Subarea North Creek Subarea Little Bear Creek Subarea Sammamish River Subarea Ship Canal / Lake Union Subarea Kelsey Creek Subarea Nearshore Subarea Lake Washington Subarea Locks Subarea Bear Creek Subarea Lake Sammamish Subarea Lower Cedar River Subarea Issaquah Creek Subarea Upper Cedar River Subarea

WRIA 8 Subareas:

Actions and Projects

For project information, connect to the Salmon Recovery Portal website and search by "Cedar-Sammamish Watershed" to view pictures and brief descriptions of the projects that have been funded by the State Salmon Recovery Funding Board, King Conservation District, King County Flood Control District Cooperative Watershed Management Grant Program, and WaterWorks Forum Initiative throughout our watershed.

Project Factsheets

Read about what we've accomplished and where we are headed: Renewing Our Commitment to Salmon Conservation: Progress to Date and What's Next.


There are many private citizens, non-profit groups, businesses, state agencies, tribes, and federal agencies working to protect and restore salmon habitat in this watershed. You can learn more about these partners by clicking on the subareas map.

In addition, the 28 local governments of the watershed play a key role in salmon habitat recovery due to their responsibilities for land use planning, transportation, parks, and stormwater management. In addition, all the local governments contribute funding to support watershed salmon habitat recovery. This funding supports both a small staff and projects and programs.