Annual WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Tour

October 9, 2015

A yellow busload of about 40 tour participants visited several sites around WRIA 8 on October 9 for our annual look at high priority projects across the watershed (view the itinerary). Participants included state legislators, Congressional staff, local officials and staff, state and federal agency staff, and community group members. Dodging a few raindrops -- and spotting some salmon! -- along the way, participants visited the following three sites:

Hiram M. Chittenden (Ballard) Locks

At the Ballard Locks tour participants learned about urgently needed fish passage and infrastructure improvements, the Corps' list of prioritzed projects/repairs, and efforts underway to raise funds for these and other improvements in the context of the Locks’ 100th anniversary coming up in 2017.

Tour Intro
The large lock
Welcome and introductions at the Ballard Locks
Hearing about proposed Large Lock improvements

Riverbend acquisition (King County and City of Seattle)

Riverbend is the site of a future floodplain restoration project on the Cedar River, where a mobile home park was purchased and residents are being relocated out of harm’s way. Participants also learned about King County's Floodplains by Design (FBD) Cedar River Corridor Plan grant, and FBD Round 1 Project Accomplishments

Riverbend mobile homes
Standing on the spot where mobile homes were removed
Discussing the Riverbend acquisition

Confluence Park floodplain restoration (City of Issaquah)

Confluence Park is the site of a stream channel and riparian area restoration (part of a large urban park project) in downtown Issaquah, where Issaquah Creek and East Fork Issaquah Creek come together.

Other Tour Handouts and Links:

  1. Science Fact Sheet: Salmon Recovery Actions Based on Sound Science
  2. Science Factsheet: Drought Conditions and Local Salmon Populations - a Glimpse of the Future?
  3. Adult Chinook Estimates at the Locks 1995-2015
  4. Adult Sockeye Estimates at the Locks 1995-2015
  5. Chinook Salmon Conservation Plan Summary (updated October 2014)
  6. WRIA 8 2016 Legislative Priorities
  7. 2015 Salmon SEEson Flyer