WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Council Documents

Meeting Announcement:

Thursday, March 19, 2009
3:00-5:30 PM

Bellevue City Hall, Room 1E-108
450 110th Ave NE, Bellevue

Directions to Bellevue City Hall: http://www.ci.bellevue.wa.us/directions_to_city_hall.htm.
Parking is FREE, but be sure to take a ticket and have it validated at the Service First desk just inside City Hall.

Packet Contents:

  1. Agenda (MS Word Document)
  2. Notes for January 15, 2009 Meeting (MS Word Document)
  3. Guidelines for Commenting for WRIA 8 Team and Committees (MS Word Document)
  4. Draft WRIA 8 Cost Share for 2010 (MS Excel Document)
  5. WRIA 8 Cost Share Comparison 2008 vs 2009 (MS Excel Document)
  6. How WRIA 8 Cost Share Allocation was Calculated (MS Word Document)
  7. 2009 KCD Grant Allocation Guidance (MS PowerPoint Document)
  8. WRIA 8 Plan Updates - 2009 Technical Committee Recommendations (MS Word Document)
  9. WRIA 8 Plan Updates - 3-Year Work Plan and 10-Year Start List (MS PowerPoint Document)
  10. Committee Updates (MS Word Document)

Meeting Overview:

Major agenda items are: Updates including Legislative, Economic Stimulus, Lakeshore Workshops; Election of Vice Chair (decision item); WRIA 8 Cost Share Allocation for 2010; 2009 WRIA 8 King Conservation District (KCD) Guidance (decision item); 2009 Plan Updates to 10-Year List and 3-Year Workplan (decision item); Committee Reports; and Rain Garden Workshops Success Story.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, May 21, 2009, 3:00 to 5:30 p.m., Bellevue City Hall.

Mailing List:

If you did not receive this packet directly but would like to for future meetings, please contact Jean White, at 206-263-6458, or by e-mail at jean.white@kingcounty.gov.