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Caucus Group

In June 2010, the Caucus Group was recognized by the Puget Sound Partnership’s (PSP) Leadership Council as the Local Integrating Organization (LIO) for the South Central Action Area. It was formed under the leadership of King County to advise the Ecosystem Coordination Board (ECB) representative for this area, as well as to build on and support the work of existing groups and improve Action Area communication, coordination, and integration across these different efforts.

Meetings of the Caucus Group are generally held on a quarterly basis, in advance of ECB meetings. The Caucus Group has a part-time Coordinator funded through an EPA grant, available to all LIOs, to support the functions of the Caucus Group and help facilitate implementation. The PSP Ecosystem Recovery Coordinator manages the grant to the LIO, works closely with the LIO Coordinator, and remains an active participant in the Caucus Group and implementation process. Additional PSP staff, including technical and policy specialists, participates in Caucus Group meetings and activities as appropriate.


The South Central Action Area Caucus Group is composed of elected officials and staff from key implementer groups, including local jurisdictions, watershed groups, tribes, business, and non-governmental organizations.

King County
Pierce County
City of Seattle
City of Tacoma
City of Bellevue
Pierce County Cities and Towns Association
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (invited)
Puyallup Tribe of Indians (invited)
Puget Sound Regional Council
Puget Sound Partnership (PSP)
Public Health - Seattle & King County
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department
Ports of Seattle & Tacoma
Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish Watershed (WRIA 8)
Green/Duwamish Watershed (WRIA 9)
Puyallup/White & Chambers/Clover Watershed (WRIA 10/12)
Washington State University - Snohomish County Extension
King Conservation District
Pierce Conservation District
Zero Waste Washington
Sound Cities Association
Citizens for a Healthy Ba


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