Regional Water Supply

Tributary Streamflow
Regional Water Supply Planning

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Existing Technical Support Information, compiled on 2/14/06, from the following sources:

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King County

United States Geological Survey

  • Numerical Model Analysis of the Effects of Ground-Water Withdrawals on Discharge to Streams and Springs in Small Basins Typical of the Puget Sound Lowland, Washington. USGS. Water-Supply Paper 2492. Morgan, D. and J. Jones. 1999.
  • Hydrologic Trends Associated with Urban Development for Selected Streams in the Puget Sound Basin, Western Washington. USGS. Water-Resources Investigations Report 02-4040. Konrad, C. and D. Booth. 2002.

Washington Department of Ecology

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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Muckleshoot Indian Tribe

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Other sources

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